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A topic we discussed yesterday on the blog was the crazy Halloween inspiration YouTube offers. Make-up tutorials have popped up all over the site, with Halloween a goldmine for viewers looking to find the perfect costume idea or add a little something extra to their get-up. But how do find the best channels for this? Well look no further than BBTV Partner Soibhan McDonnell (pronounced Shiv-Awn), better known as LetzMakeup, this week’s In The Limelight.

The Transformative power of make-up

Since starting her channel in 2009, Siobhan has amassed over 23 million lifetime views and has over 180k subscribers, with the numbers growing quickly. She’s an incredibly talented pro make-up artist who has found an outlet on YouTube to really showcase her work and push the boundaries of creativity. Her versatility and professional tips shine through on her channel, covering a whole variety of topics from celebrity transformations to beauty basics. What she does with make-up is truly awe-inspiring and Halloween is a great time for her to showcase the transformative effects it can have. Some of her best known works include the Black Widow, Cleopatra’s Ghost (seen above), Psycho Doll and the incredibly terrifying Crazy Clown.

Siobhan doesn’t just cover make-up either, also giving viewers great tips on fashion, outfits of the day and loads more. Her channel is an amazing resource for beauty and style, with easy to follow advice for an array of skill levels.

So if you’re procrastinating about what to be for Halloween this year, stop stressing, hit up your local drugstore for make-up supplies and have a look through this amazing YouTuber’s work to find the costume idea that’ll really get people talking.

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In The Limelight: LetzMakeup

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