Ireland has been in the news in a big way these past few weeks and we want to celebrate the Emerald Isle by putting a few of our favorite Irish YouTube Creators In The Limelight this week!


Siobhán is a professional makeup artist whose range of makeup tutorials spans from elegant wedding makeup, to sultry ‘evening out’ looks, to the truly frightening Halloween-inspired! But don’t let this ‘scare’ you away, LetzMakeup knows her products & techniques! On her super popular channel you’ll find everything from top 10 videos lists, to DIYs for everyday looks on a dime! Get a flawless look with LetzMakeup!


Riyadh K

This entertainer, radio personality, and most recently, viral Youtuber, is sweeping the internet with his mum by his side…and Grindr at the ready. Along with his viral Grindr ordeal, he used his platform to promote a campaign close to his heart, becoming a leading online voice in the Irish Marriage Equality debate! Hilarious and heartfelt, this is a rising voice you’ll want to hear!


Toxic Tears

Kaya aka Toxic Tears is sharing her unique point of view on beauty and fashion on her amazing goth vlog! As an alternative model, Toxic Tears has plenty of tips and advice for people who are into the goth or alternative lifestyle. Her videos don’t just cater to this demographic though, with some amazing vlogs touching on personal experiences we can all relate to , Toxic Tears is a place for anyone to go for inspiration, encouragement or a wicked new makeup look!



James Mitchell is a very busy man! Not only is he an avid YouTuber he also is heavily involved in activism, the LGBTQIA community, production, design and comedy! All of this comes to a peak on his YouTube channel where he vlogs about everyday life, important causes and even shares his original music!


Melanie Murphy

Beauty guru and Irish Beauty Blog People’s Choice Award Winner, Melanie Murphy has been inspiring makeup enthusiasts for quite some time! Melanie spoke up about her struggles with body image early in her YouTube days and has since been influencing and encouraging viewers and creators alike with her vlogs and tutorials about confidence, makeup and hair, fashion and health! So whether you are trying to freshen up your look, get into a healthy routine or need some encouragement from someone who’s been through it, check out Melanie Murphy’s channel!


Candy Something

Attention book worms! If you love reading then Candy Something is the place to be! You will never have to aimlessly wander another bookstore looking for a new novel, because Candy Something has you covered with book reviews, lists, suggestions and hauls on everything from novels to University textbooks and everything in between! So before you get to reading, head to Candy Something’s channel and check out her book vlogs!


The Happy Pear

Dave & Steve are identical twins AND chefs! The brothers want to make healthy cooking as delicious and attractive as something you can find in a restaurant! Once you take a look at their recipes you will agree that they have done just that! The Happy Pear has creations for every palate from simple to exquisite meals that make home-cooking a breeze!


Bri is a fantastic singer songwriter whose channel is filled with original songs, covers and beautiful duets with his wife, Candice. But Bri doesn’t stop there! His vlogs about his life as a musician and husband, and funny comments on society are not to be missed! Head over to BriBry’s channel now to discover his musical talent and check out his awesome hats!


Hazel Hayes keeps things funny, witty, sassy, and real on her channel! ChewingSand’s most popular videos might just be her ‘Tipsy Talks’ which feature various guest sharing some adult beverages and chatting about life experiences, but when Hazel is not drinking pink wine with her friends, she is sharing her beauty hauls, creating delicious baked goods, and even singing! Head over to ChewingSand and discover the world of Hazel Hayes!


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In the Limelight: Irish YouTube Creators We Love!

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