Alright, it’s that time of year once again, when we reset the calendar and start fresh. New year, new outlook right?

So what’s your resolution? And more importantly, what’s your plan for sticking to it?

Well, even if you didn’t think about it before, a great resolution for 2015 might be staying more in the know on what’s happening online and around the world. And the perfect way to make this happen is right in front of you as we put BBTV partner Inform Overload in the limelight!

This team of trend watchers and news trackers has been overloading YouTube with the information since 2012 and have generated close to 250 million views! Their channel is the place to log in daily and get in on the latest that’s happening around interwebz and beyond!

The variety of topics they cover ensures you’re plugged into both hard-hitting global affairs, and stories that are going viral, perfect for sharing with your own social networks. They even debunk popular stories floating around the web to make sure you’re completely informed on what’s buzzing.

Pretty much anything that people are talking about, or should be talking about is on this channel. So kick off your socks, lay back and enjoy!

Check them out here.

In The Limelight: Inform Overload

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