Fly, run, or jump straight into the Comic universe! From character bios, to DC Cinematic Universe screenplays and the most popular; Comic Book VS, Hybrid Network has a massive catalogue of videos that will open your mind to the world of superheroes and villains alike! It may not be the Bat Signal, but this week we are shining the Limelight on Hybrid Networks!

Co-founded in 2013 by best friends Josh Baldera and CJ Paschall, Hybrid Network was first inspired by a YouTube video that pit Superman in an epic one-on-one combat! . It made Josh wonder what a showdown between other comic book characters would look like. Using logic and unbiased facts about each character, Hybrid Network created their very first ‘Comic Book VS’!

Today Hybrid Network has become a destination for anyone obsessed with the comic universe. If you have ever been curious about Spiderman, Captain America, The Joker, Aqua Man or any superheroes or villains in between, this is the place.

Currently Hybrid Network is working on splitting their content into three divisions to make navigation optimal for their viewers! Their main page will still feature the VS series, character bios, reviews of comic books and many more exciting comic related content, while the new spin-off channels will feature videos about movies & gaming on one, and  music on the other!

Hybrid Network has come a long way since the channel’s inception but Josh and CJ won’t forget when they first started out. And to those creators who are looking for advice on their own channels, these  partners would tell you to be sure you keep a regular schedule and stick with your theme!

Going forward Hybrid Network wants to hear more from their subscriber base and comic fans alike! They are starting fan voting for their Character Bio Videos that can be seen every Tuesday and Thursday! If you want to vote on which hero or villain they breakdown next, head to their website to vote! You can also expect new and exciting topics on their Friday podcasts along with many other big and exciting projects in the pipeline!

The guys at Hybrid Network are filled with enthusiasm as their channel continues to grow and are forever grateful to their loyal fans and subscribers. They love hearing support for their videos and gain insights and find inspiration from the comments and opinions fans post!

So head to Hybrid Network’s YouTube page, sit back and enjoy all the comic book videos they have to offer and don’t forget to comment and subscribe!

Video Spotlight

Check out the latest Character Bio from Hybrid Network, Black Bolt!


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