Gamers everywhere have been going crazy for Hearthstone! The fast-paced card game allows players to sling spells, summon creators and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy. The latest Blackrock Mountain expansion is launching today and offers players the chance to win new cards by playing against the most iconic villains in the mountain. To celebrate the launch we’re putting the ultimate Hearthstone master In The Limelight – BBTV Partner TrumpSC!

Trump’s got some serious skills, and the brains to back it up. This NYU grad had a passion for card play growing up, and is often regarded as the most well-known and popular Hearthstone player in the world. He puts his namesake to the test through the relentless strategizing and efficiency he uses in making value plays that in the end always trump the competition! Outside of YouTube, Trump also streams daily on Twitch and at the Blizzard 2013 Stream Awards he took home the “Most Educational Stream” prize with 43% of the vote!

So if you want to get the inside track on Hearthstone from the ultimate player, check out TrumpSC on YouTube today!

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Video Spotlight: Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain Review – Part 1 

Check out part one of Trump’s review of the new Blackrock Mountain Expansion below, and click-through to watch the rest of the series.


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In The Limelight: Hearthstone Master TrumpSC!

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