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Frozen vs. Tangled, The Iron Man vs. Dark Knight trilogies, and of course Godzilla (1998) vs. Godzilla (2014). What do these head-to-heads have in common? They’re some of the most contested feuds in movie history and they’re all topics you can see deliberated by BBTV partner Feud Nation, who this week is In The Limelight!

Feud Nation is home to some of the biggest feuds in movies and games. Each video let’s you decide the verdict of the debates as every week Adam and Cory pick a new movie, saga, film or game topic and state their cases. They break them down into four rounds and give their thoughts. The discussion can get pretty heated as they don’t hold back on giving you the honest truth. So just how good was the movie “Speed?” What are the top 5 terrible things Adam Sandler gave us? They’ll give you their arguments and let the audience decide who the winner is. If you agree or disagree, Movie Feuds is the show on YouTube to state your case. FEUD ON!

Check out their channel here.

Just in time for the Holidays, be sure to check out some of their holiday-themed feuds below:

And of course their look at the Top 5 Christmas Movies of All-Time!

Happy Holidays!

In The Limelight: Feud Nation

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