From epic Let’s Plays, to Minecraft and Call of Duty playthroughs, to hilarious pranks and real talk, David Brown TV has something for everyone! With two YouTube channels on the go, David keeps himself busy playing Counter Strike, Pokemon and hilarious games of Cards Against Humanity! There is never a dull moment in the life of this long-time YouTuber and member of the TGN family! David Brown is bringing his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the world of online video to a very special Ask Me Anything on the @BroadbandTV Twitter page on Wednesday, so this week we’re shining the limelight brightly on him!

A YouTuber since 2010, David started making content with his close friend and fellow YouTube personality, Peter Chao! After ChaoNation grew in popularity, David was inspired and enjoyed making original content so much that he created his own channel, DavidBrownTV. He began making vlogs and then branched into pranks, comedy skits and the very popular advice show, Dr. David Brown! Viewers could submit questions about life and relationships to David and he would create advice videos for his viewers! Nothing made him happier than meeting fans who thanked him for the advice, mentioning it had helped them in a similar situation.

After finding success on his channel, David decided to create another channel, exploring his love of gaming! David Brown Gaming was created in 2011 and was an instant hit! Viewers love tuning in to watch their favourite gamer extraordinaire crush it on Counter Strike, Pokemon, Minecraft and love the addition of David’s signature humour that he adds to each and every video!

With over 20 Million views on his channels, David’s advice to his fans and fellow creators? Keep up your consistency with uploads! He feels that his steady schedule of videos are the most important part of his channel!

So whether you are looking for gaming videos, pranks or advice, DavidBrownTV is the place to be! Take a look at his channels and don’t forget to join @DavidBrownTV as he lends his expert advice to the BroadbandTV Twitter AMA! #askBBTV is taking place on Wednesday, April 29th at 3PM PST.



In The Limelight: David Brown TV

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