YouTube stars build their fanbase by keepin’ it real with their followers and letting their unique personalities shine through in their videos. BBTV partner and YouTube star CJ So Cool is a pro at this and he just hit a huge milestone with 2 million subs this past Saturday!

CJ So Cool is well-known for the dark humor in his reaction videos, pranks involving his girlfriend and kids, and his video challenges. He keeps viewers entertained daily with new videos that give an unfiltered look into his relationship and family life. The popular family man and sneakerhead takes raw and real to another level with his popular vlogs that make every day hilarious and fun.

Let’s be clear, even though his channel is based around family life, his videos are not always family friendly. They give young parents a much needed breather from the ups and downs of raising kids. As his subs continue to grow, CJ So Cool keeps his fan-love at the heart of his channel and builds videos around what his followers love to see.
Check out some of his most viewed videos below!



If you’re in need of an entertaining break, check out more of CJ So Cool’s videos for a window into his crazy family life!


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