Do you suddenly have a craving for fast food, but don’t feel like driving-out to buy it? No worries! Why buy it, when you can make it in the comfort of your own home, with the help of BBTV partner Flavor Heist! This YouTubing cooking connoisseur shows you the best recipes out there to make your own healthier versions of all the fast food you can imagine. From a McDonald’s Big Mac, to KFC fried chicken, to Coca-Cola, he’s got you covered with his ‘copycat’ recipes.

Charles, the man behind Flavor Heist, started off his YouTube career two years ago with his first French cooking channel, Fast Good Cuisine. After Charles saw extraordinary success on this first channel, he decided to create an English food channel, Flavor Heist, to share his cooking tips with non-French speaking foodies everywhere! He coined the name ‘Flavor Heist’ as a cheeky nod to his uncanny ability to copy recipes and perfectly mimic the taste of any fast food joints’ popular meal and snack items. He’s already done it with the Kit-Kat, Big Mac, M&M’s, and KFC Fried Chicken, just to name a few!

His viewers get a full rundown of his copycat tricks, with a step-by-step on perfecting each recipe that recreates your fast food favourites. According to Charles, “The final product isn’t as complicated as you think! Cook your own and don’t buy it because when you make your own food, you know exactly what you put in your mouth. Remember you are what you are eat :)!”

To keep viewers watching, he makes his videos short, educational, and fun with a little bit of his French flare thrown in the mix. He likes to also keep his content fresh and challenging to create. For example, it took him about a year to recreate the flavor of Coca-Cola seen in his favorite video ‘How to make your own Coke’. He was one of the first YouTubers to ever figure out the secret recipe and share it with his audience, something he’s very proud of today!

If you’re looking at starting up or growing your own cooking channel, Charles stresses the need not only for time and dedication, but also the use of good lighting. It’s extremely crucial while recording a video with food. Now that he has established his popularity among his French audience and expanded to the English-speaking market, his next step is collaborating with other YouTubers and creating lots more exciting cuisine to share with his audience.

Head over to Flavor Heist and create your mouth watering Happy Meal now. Bon appétit!

In The Limelight: Charles the Flavor Heist!

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