Ross McCallum Promotional Images. Shot for Sela Cajon Artist Profile.
Ross McCallum Promotional Images. Shot for Sela Cajon Artist Profile.

Hear that infectious beat? It’s coming from Ross McCallum and his Cajon Groove Guide YouTube channel! Derived from the word box, the cajon is essentially just that – a wooden box played as a drum, and it’s used for percussion in a huge mix of music styles around the globe.

Peruse through Ross’s channel and find all the tools you need to improve your cajon playing or start from the basics and begin building your very own beats! It’s the perfect place for finding tutorials on how to get started and learning new techniques, fresh inspiration or for just sitting back and listening! That’s why this week the BBTV Limelight is shining brightly on Cajon Groove Guide!

An experienced drummer, Ross was enthralled by YouTube drumming tutorials and found endless inspiration from the uploads the drumming community was posting here. He was pushed to practice his percussion skills for endless hours by watching full drum lessons from YouTuber Mike Johnston. Ross connected to the enthusiasm for drumming he saw and felt confident that he could contribute to this community, offering his own spin (not to mention beats). Without further hesitation, Cajon Groove Guide was born!

Ross strives to bring his viewers a unique music experience, not only by playing one of the more exotic percussion instruments, but also by acting as a sounding board on cajon questions from beginners to experts. He wants to bring encouragement through his videos and to create a video library that will act as a tool kit so that everyone who picks up the instrument will one day make their friends say “now you’re just showing off!”

Ross has a constant drive to make his channel the best it can be and is working to increase the content on Cajon Groove Guide by making his videos even better than they already are! He recently worked with a friend to learn invaluable video making skills and he’s looking forward to showing his subscribers and fans what’s in store next! Look for Cajon Groove Guide to make a meaningful impact on YouTube and the world of cajon drumming moving forward!

So get your dancing shoes on, or warm up your drumming muscles and head to Cajon Groove Guide and learn all about the world of cajon drumming!

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