Original content on YouTube has become one of the biggest growing genres on the platform. Some of the best new talents today are producing original works exclusively here and getting views by the millions. In this week’s edition of In The Limelight we’re looking at a BBTV partner whose channel keeps blowing up as they upload some of the best quality, original entertainment on the web – BTV.

What’s on BTV

Whether it’s comedy, animation, short films, or technology, if it’s great entertainment, it’s on BTV. Originally starting up in 2006, right at the beginning of the YouTube revolution, these seasoned pros have garnered over 132 million views and nearly 80K subscribers. Creating a loyal following around programming such as Riot, Flix Movies, The Squirrels and Gizmo, BTV has been featured on FOX, MSNBC and numerous other major media outlets.

What makes them stand out from the rest? Their commitment to quality and entertainment is visible in everything they produce. Fans from around the world keep flocking to the films and series that have premiered on this channel, so now it’s your turn to check them out here.

In The Limelight: BTV

Category: Creator Spotlight

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