Broken Pixels

How do you stand out as an artist on YouTube? Well besides having talent, something we’ve touched on a lot on the blog is the importance of being creative, and finding inspiration in unlikely places. For this week’s partner spotlight, we’re looking at a group that’s seamlessly taken the world of video games and stuck it straight into their rap game, and that’s why Broken Pixels is In The Limelight.

This duo consists of MC Jerome “JC” Chance and Producer Equivalent Exchange. The two formed Broken Pixels after discovering their shared love of music and gaming while on the set of Spike TV’s God of War III special: Last Titan Standing.  They’ve made a name for themselves in the industry by rapping about video games and other ‘nerdworthy’ subjects, and creating the theme song for THQ’s “Saints Row The Third”. Their YouTube channel is chalked full of entertaining original compositions, racking up more than 370K views, with this Pokemon upload reaching over 67K viewers.

They’ve also made the rounds at a variety of industry events, with live performances at E3 and San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to check out their channel yourselves, and discover how Broken Pixels keeps getting the video game world all rapped up.



In The Limelight: Broken Pixels

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