Hey man, how much can you press? The answer’s probably not as much as this week’s In The Limelight, BBTV partner BajheeraWoW. This YouTuber has built up a big following online by showcasing his killer gaming skills in a variety of genres.

A legend in World of Warcraft PvP 

Bajheera specializes in World of Warcraft PvP, ranking in the top .5% of all players, and shares his expertise with his viewers through informative and educational videos about how to excel in player vs. player combat. Despite being a die-hard PvP’er, Bajheera, also makes his fair share of hilarious voice over videos as well as some epic edited montages of his gaming exploits! This offers an awesome mix of intense PvP, but also lighthearted and funny enjoyment of the World of Warcraft! Bajheera also dabbles in a variety of other games like League of Legends, Shadow of Mordor, and whatever else seems like fun!

He’s a gamer at heart, but video games aren’t his only passion.

Fitness is a big part of Bajheera’s life, and has become a big part of his channel recently. As part of his YouTube content, he has a BajheeraIRL series, dedicated to his real-life adventures that puts the spotlight on his fitness and diet regime. It’s pretty amazing checking out how this guy has transformed himself over the past few years as he keeps getting bigger and bigger (both literally and figuratively!)

You can check him out yourself on his YouTube channel and on Twitch, where he’s got an active line-up of programming each week.

And check out more amazing gamers by keeping it locked on BBTV’s TGN community.

In The Limelight: BajheeraWoW

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