Alright so next week we’re super excited about getting the chance to talk to all of you and answer any burning question you’ve got in our BBTV AMA! We constantly get a ton of questions rolling in, and we want you to keep ‘em coming next Wednesday! One of the best parts of this AMA is that we’ve enlisted BBTV partner 9Lives to take part! This week we want to put this CoD gamer great in the Limelight!

At BBTV, we rep some amazing gamers! 9Lives is a big player in the online gaming universe, and since starting up his channel back in 2010, he’s amassed a 300K+ strong following that continues to build. Growing up, this gamer had a passion for online video, and when YouTube gameplay footage started rolling out as a new form of entertainment, he merged his loves for gaming and video into what is now the 9Lives channel.

The high production quality and commentary featured in each upload have helped him rise as a standout amongst Call of Duty and Battlefield YouTube personalities. He’s a lover of first-person shooters in real life, using sniper rifles almost exclusively, and kept his content pretty consistent to the genre. Recently, he’s started branching out and taking up Counter-Strike, maybe even looking at covering the topic in a future video, so stay tuned!

9Lives is driven by his audience, keeping them loyal by delivering the videos they love, and trying to appease their constant requests for more frequent uploads. So what can you expect from him in the near future? Next up, he’s planning on revisiting a few popular series of the past, as well as opening up the topics to be a bit more wide-reaching and even getting on camera for live commentaries and vlogs!

Keep it locked on this channel for big things ahead and if you want to hear from 9Lives even sooner, be sure to check out the AMA next Wednesday, February 25th on the @VISO Page!

Check out this video from 9Lives on Advanced Warfare Trickshotting & Quickscoping Sniper Secrets!  

In The Limelight: 9Lives

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