Coming up with a video title that gets you discovered on YouTube can be just as hard as coming up with original ideas for your videos. Fortunately, VISO Catalyst has a way to put your title to the test!

BBTV’s exclusive creator companion platform has now added the Similar Titles feature in the Optimization Tab. This tool shows you just how your proposed video titles measure up to the competition on YouTube.

Access VISO Catalyst

Improve Your Title → Improve Your Video Rank



To access Similar Titles, just log into VISO Catalyst and go to the Optimization Tab. There you’ll see a list of titles, pulled directly from current YouTube videos using our proprietary algorithm, most similar to the one you’ve chosen, and how those video titles rank – allowing you to make vital improvements to ensure a 5-star title rating that’ll help you move higher up in the search rankings.

So get a leg up on the competition and start optimizing with VISO Catalyst today!

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Inside VISO Catalyst: Discover How Your Video Titles Rank on YouTube

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