The world of gaming is so much more than console wars, smack-talking over headsets, and beating Bowser for the hundredth time in an 8-bit battle of thumb blisters. But without being too lofty, what is “Gaming” to a gamer, really?

It’s a culture. It’s a worldwide digital revolution that’s lasted more than three decades, and as content creators we know exactly what goes into building and being part of such a phenomenon.

Interestingly enough, an often-unsung hero of any culture is its music, and for the first installment of our “In The Limelight” series, we’re focusing on a BBTV Partner that’s taking the nostalgia of gaming music to a whole new level.

Check out GameChops. A label founded by Dj CUTMAN, these guys know that music plays a massive role in making games iconic, so they’re working with samples of those tracks to piece together the memorable bleeps and bloops into something slick and polished. Their most recent project? Year of the Yoshi…

Now, we all remember Yoshi for his Goomba-gobbling antics and egg-dropping goodness, but who knew he could drop so much bass? Be sure to Subscribe to their YouTube channel if you have an itch for the glitch, and hit up their website to download some killer tunes.

In the Limelight – GameChops Changes The Game

Category: Creator Spotlight

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