EricTheCarGuy is one of the highest profile training technicians on the internet! This BBTV partner launched a channel in 2009, dedicated to the art of auto repair and helping the do-it-yourselfer on YouTube that quickly became one of the most viewed in YouTube’s auto category! This week we’re putting Eric In The Limelight!

With over half a million subscribers, Eric has built a remarkable digital empire serving the DIY needs of viewers everywhere. His weekly uploads tackle the gamut of automotive maintenance and repair. His videos are geared towards the everyday person who just wants to educate themselves with easily understandable how to tutorials on the basics of car upkeep and improvement, or gain an understanding of their automobile so they can better equip themselves for their next visit to the mechanic shop.

Eric wasn’t always The Car Guy, he actually started off as an artist, before making the pivot into freelance video work. He was eventually able to meld his passion for video and automotives into his YouTube channel and website, and before long EricTheCarGuy was born and thriving!

His success is truly a testament to hard work, drive, and consistency in delivering viewers premium content they can easily digest and apply! What’s next for EricTheCarGuy? As his channel continues to grow even huger, you can be sure this YouTuber will continue to be a big voice in the world of auto online!

Check out this video from his channel below, and for more on EricTheCarGuy, be sure to spend some time on his personal site!


In The Limelight: EricTheCarGuy

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  • Nah yall got it wrong. He isn’t in the top. He is the top! With turbo Yoda as second! I don’t know Anyone who teaches and helps the DIY community as well as Eric does. And in my opinion, he is the #1.

  • I have 2005 Honda Pilot, 120,000 miles, I did timing belt, change all belts, hoses, coolant replace, transmission fluid replace, new thermostat, now I use to get 18-20 might, now it’s about 13 might, I was going to do valve Adjustment, but on your video, you said if it’s smooth no noise, don’t do it, now what do you suggest?

  • Nice one, I look forward to having such a profile.

  • he is the top

    eric the car guy for TOPGEAR USA

  • how much the price for delivery to Indonesia for a set of deep drive Inpact 1/2 “socket in the amount of dollars ,,,, ,, thanks,.

  • I’m frim Yemen but i live in Saudi arabia .. eric is my best and scotty killmer

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