What’s better than spending the holidays with friends? How about spending the holidays with friends…and drinks! Justin from The Gay Men Channel has enlisted his BFF Lucie to give you all ’12 Days of Bougie Boozy Holiday Drinks’! Find out what The Gay Men Channel has in their martini shaker below!

Day 1 – Cozy Christmas

Day 2 – Rosemary Toasted Floater

Day 3 – The Dirty Dirty Grinch

Day 4 – The Bourbon Sour Grinch

Day 5 – Bougie & Boozy

Day 6 – Boxed Mulled Wine

Day 7 – Hawaiian Tiki Christmas

Day 8 – The Pinapple Mojito 

Day 9 – Trendy Cocktails


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Holiday Spirits with The Gay Men Channel

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