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In this series, we’re breaking down the best ways to drive engagement on your YouTube channel using tools available through YouTube Analytics.


While a lot of YouTube’s algorithm is hazy, what we know for sure is increasing your Watch Time stats will create a domino effect that will help the overall growth of your channel. So it’s about time we discuss what Watch Time really means and how you can use this stat in YouTube Analytics to boost viewer engagement on your channel.

Why should you even care about YouTube’s algorithm? Well, awhile back they shifted their algorithm so now YouTube’s main goal is to keep viewers engaged longer with videos on their platform. 

As a creator, if you keep viewers watching your videos for longer, or get them to watch more of your videos, or even keep them on the platform to watch other creator content for longer, you’ve tapped into a vital part of YouTube’s algorithm. And the payoff is HUGE!!! YouTube will push your channel in their search and discovery, on the Recommended tab, and in their suggested playlists. This will organically boost your views and subs!

Watch Time offers stats that help creators figure out exactly where they stand and what they can do to improve their channel. Try using these features:

  • Want to see how well your newest video did with your viewers? The “search for content” bar on the top of the Analytics screen will grab Watch Time stats for individual videos.
  • The “Comparison..” button will let you compare individual videos to each other. Figuring out which videos are scoring you the most Watch Time will help you understand what kind of content’s working and not working for your channel. You might realize that viewers click away immediately from your reaction videos but spend more time on your vlogs. So you can spend more time working on content that your viewers prefer.
  • Watch Time even filters your data based on topics like location, and subscribed and unsubscribed viewership. Having this info will help you make changes to video content or production to convince viewers to hit the sub button.

Successful YouTubers are always changing things up so these stats are a great way to track your channel’s progress and set goals for yourself. The main key to increasing your viewership is sharing awesome content. Watch Time will help you shape your channel so you’re putting out the best content to score longer watch times and more subs! 


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