One of the best parts of YouTube, is that it’s a totally social experience. Whether you’re a creator or a fan, or both, YouTube allows you to chat it up with people tuning in to your stuff, or with the people behind the stuff you love to watch. So when it comes to building your channel, be as social as you can be! If you’re creator, big or small, here are 4 reasons why you should join an MCN community and consider a YouTube network partnership if you’re serious about seeing a  boost in YouTube views:

Support & Mentorship

Joining BBTV, and becoming a part of an MCN, means you’ll have access to an industry-leading partner experience team, there to help you become more successful on YouTube. From YouTube tutorials and best practices to helping you avoid YouTube copyright strikes, the team is there to ensure you have all the answers to your questions on how to make money on YouTube.

Collaboration & Cross-Promotion

By joining an MCN, you link your channel to tens of thousands of other creators. BBTV’s exclusive VISO Catalyst technology works to find the most ideal YouTube collaborators within our global network to cross-promote your channel. This way you can tap into one another’s audiences to boost YouTube views on both your channels.

Tech Wizards

By joining an MCN, you are able to access exclusive creator companion technology that is built to ensure your content and channel is fully optimized every time you upload. This way you can rest assured your metadata is completely in sync and focus instead on the videos you love to produce. Proper optimization further helps improve your YouTube CPM and chances of making money.

Ad Sales

Looking for more on how to make money on YouTube? Well, by joining an MCN you’re on the radar of an expert Ad Sales team that is able to introduce you to a community of advertisers looking for opportunities to integrate branded content within your channel. This way you can make more money on YouTube, elevate your personal branding, and put yourself on track for more brand deals with big-time companies.

For the full list of benefits that come with joining an MCN, check out BBTV’s content creator page.

Not a partner but interested? Become a part  BBTV’s thriving network of content creators by joining our leading YouTube community today!

Why Go It Alone? 4 Reasons to Join an MCN Community

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