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Specific! That’s what we think our Creator community wants, and that’s what we want to give them – specific, in-depth tips that are really going to help them improve their uploads! So for this week, we want you to really think about what you’re putting in the frame each time you post your latest let’s play, make-up tutorial or vlog.

Even if you’re looking flyer than fly, you might not be giving the best visual impression. How Come? Well have you really thought about what’s behind you?

This brings us to this week’s BBTV Tip: Make your background camera ready – fill it up with sick posters and swag that bring your videos to life!

Bringing the Background to the Forefront

Alright, enough with the word play already (a New Years resolution I’m struggling to keep), but seriously your backdrop or setting can play a vital role in the success (or failure) of your video. Do a quick search and you’d be surprised at how many times you come across anything from dirty laundry to dishes to totally random and distracting objects behind the creator that pulls your interest away from what they’re saying.

The Quick Fix

Find things that make sense for your content. If your a die-hard gamer, grab  your posters and swag  and position then so that they frame you in the shot, so long as aren’t overly flashy and distracting. Remember, this is a balancing act and you don’t want to overdo it with the merch.  Work to avoid including stuff that’s unrelated. I mean, even if you’re the biggest Taylor Swift fan on the planet…it might not be best to include your T. Swift poster behind you in your next GTA5 let’s play, am I right?

Takeaways on your backdrop

  • Don’t make it distracting, make it relevant!
  • By shooting with angles behind you, you achieve a sense of depth.
  • Keep it tidy (even if you’re not a tidy person, it’s all about the illusion).
  • Look for objects to balance out your shot.

So there you have it creators, easy ways to make sure your background is working with what you’re saying! And remember, if you’re really trying to get your audience listening, VISO CATALYST is built with tools that significantly cut down on the time you spend uploading and ensures full video optimization to reach your targets.  This way you can get back to creating content backed by a perfectly balanced backdrop each week!

Phrasefinder 4.0:

We’re off to our fourth BBTV #phrasefinder contest! Find the hidden BBTV tip below, with today’s post revealing the third clue! Be ready on Friday when the final clue is revealed. You’re one step closer to a chance of winning an amazing promo package from us!

Want to _____ _____ to a _____ _____ in a video?

Review contest rules here.

BBTV Tips: Get Your Background Ready for its Close-up!

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