Are you ready to take your video content to the NEXT level? BBTV is launching a new series to help you do just that. Welcome to – How To Get More Views on YouTube.

Whether you’re new creator on YouTube or a seasoned professional looking to increase your views, in this series you’ll find our tried and true strategies for getting more views on your YouTube videos. The first article in this series will bring you back to the basics – YouTube Tags. By now, I’m guessing, you probably know what a tag is, but we want to show you how to optimize your tags to get more views on YouTube.

First things first: Tags get your video views online.

Why? Tags help your videos get found on YouTube. When a user searches for a video through YouTube, an algorithm ranks results based on not only popularity but relevancy. Tags help YouTube discover if your content.  

What is a Tag?
YouTube lets you enter in tags and keywords to help you describe your video. Tags are single words YouTube will suggest and keywords are words and phrases you can include within quotation marks. Use software like Viso Catalyst to optimize your keywords, and pull from a suggested list

But really, what’s in a Tag?
Your audience for one. According to YouTube, tagging is one of the most important ways to rank in search results. When your tagged keywords relate to a search, you’ll pop up.

Here’s what you really need to know – How to Tag (Smartly):
Your YouTube tags are your keywords, and they should do a few things.  YouTube tags should identify what your video is about at its most basic level, as well as the general category or genre it fits into, (i.e. gaming).  They should also be targeted to your content and your channel.  Mixing generic (macro, category tags), with specific tags will make your content really stick out on search.

Try to include all relevant and important info.  For the strongest results, include both individual words (tags) and phrases in your keywords.  Fewer people search for phrases, but those people generally know exactly what they’re looking for and an exact match will drive your searchability.

Do’s & Don’ts
Do:  Focus on smart and educated tagging practices mixing general (macro) with specific (micro), words and phrases.
Don’t: Flood your content with irrelevant tags.  Quality takes the cake!

If you’re using VISO Catalyst,  the Tag Optimizer tool recommends relevant keywords to choose from, making your content more searchable for your audience and improving SEO results.  The  Tag Optimizer also features a Multi-Language feature to hit an audience globally.

Remember, optimization is a big way to get the most out of your content, so stay tuned next week for tips on executing this in your title.

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How To Get More Views on YouTube – YouTube Tags

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