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In this article of the series we’re going to be looking at consistency. Consistency is a fairly multifaceted strategy in growing your channel. Not only can consistency in your content grow your audience, but consistency in posting your videos gives your audience a reason to come back to your channel.

How Does Consistency boost views?

Finding the balance between quality content and frequent uploads is tricky for any YouTuber seasoned or not. However YouTube does value creators who upload consistently and frequently, and will send more traffic to those creators who do just that.

How to be consistent

There are two primary ways you can be consistent as a creator:


Just take it as an overall best practice, consistency is key. Although you are a unique creator who probably has a wide and diverse set of interests, if I’m completely honest, your YouTube channel isn’t the place to showcase this. Once you develop your personal style that connects with your audience, STICK WITH IT! Make it so your audience knows what to expect when they visit your channel. Building your brand, builds loyalty, and ultimately convincing a loyal audience to view your content is a lot easier than convincing a total stranger.


For an awesome audience, knowing when to expect a video is just as important as knowing what to expect when viewing a video. Take YouTube megastar Casey Neistat. His channel & popularity exploded when he began uploading daily vlogs, and now is approaching 4 million SUBS in just over 1 year. By announcing your schedule – and sticking to it – you establish trust with your audience ultimately establishing your viewership!


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How To Get More Views on YouTube – The Key is in Consistency

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