BBTV’s Affiliate Program has a new name, and will now be known as the Referral Program. The Referral Program gives you the tools to earn revenue by referring your audience to join the BroadbandTV YouTube network by posting your unique link. The new title makes the program’s purpose crystal-clear, and it adds a tinge of personal touch to the process. After all, we’re here to help you make meaningful connections and build a community of talented creators just like you!

Please note: this program is only open to BBTV Partners.

More New Names

While on the subject of new names, we’d like to introduce our new Program Manager, Anton! A YouTuber himself, Anton loves all things online video and relishes this opportunity to share some cool insights with you, our referral community! Here is a quick video from the man himself laying out some power-tips on using our Referral Program like a pro!

Referral Program Power-Tips

Anton fancies himself something of a funnyman, so feel free to let him know just how true or false that really is by leaving a comment on the video. Funny or not, he talks a lot of sense, so you’d be well-advised to follow the tips in the video. This stuff works!

Advanced Strategies

If you are way ahead of the curve, and these tips are old news for you, we have a few more nuggets of knowledge for you to munch on! We’ve asked our most successful referral gurus to share the strategies they use for reeling in tons of referrals. Lo and behold, they did! We’re thrilled to offer these to you here.  Enjoy the advanced referral how-to’s from the best in the biz:

Pro tip 1: Cameio Play gets his leads by engaging in conversations on his Twitterchannel. He talks about what’s it like being a partner, and other youtubers tune in to listen & join in. Big kudos for being proactive and building a thriving partner community!

Pro tip 2: Agrayth is also pretty active on Twitter. Another big source of referrals for him is a video he made talking about the requirements and benefits of a TGN partnership. He presented facts and offered his personal opinion on the network. He is honest and that’s why other YouTubers listen and follow his lead by clicking his link and partnering with us.

By following these recommendations, you are setting yourself up for referral program success. We are looking forward to hearing your success stories! Thanks for playing and happy ‘Tubing!

As always, please contact us with any questions! Our new email address is


Your Referral Management Team


Get to Know the BBTV Referral Program

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  • I would love to be a recruiter because I have many years in youtube and I know many people who make second channels and new people so that they can come to this great network that is the best !!

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