maxresdefaultBBTV partners and international music superstars Major Lazer are about to make your summer a whole lot hotter with an exciting opportunity exclusive to the #BBTVFam. The talented trio is making headlines for dropping new music videos for their two songs, “Know No Better” and “Sua Cara”. With the most recent music video released this past Sunday, they’ve already ramped up over 68 million views!

Major Lazer wants to share their scorching summer success with fellow BBTV partners. We’re calling on all our creators to make your own “Know No Better” and “Sua Cara” videos. From reaction videos, to lip syncs, dance battles, and car karaoke – the possibilities are endless to put your original stamp on the Major Lazer phenomenon sweeping YouTube.

It gets even better – Major Lazer is allowing participating BBTV partners to monetize their uploaded videos for the entire month of August!*

Take a look at our important rules and regulations below in order to qualify:

Ensure that your video:

• Is not just a reupload of the original music videos or the songs. Be creative!
• Does not attack or defame Major Lazer or any featured artists on the songs
• Does not break any YouTube Community policies

In order to successfully monetize your Major Lazer masterpiece, please follow these steps:

• Provide a link back to the original music video in your description
• Submit your video link here to be eligible
• To monetize your video for the month of August, BBTV will place a claim from “VISO Music” on your behalf. Please do not dispute this claim otherwise you will not receive revenue from this video.

Participating BBTV partners will be able to view revenue from their Major Lazer video on their August report.

We’re excited to see your creations!

* This campaign does not include the following territories:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau SAR China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka

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