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Using Epoxy for iOS & Android to build a community around your content

We’re excited to announce that our partners over at Epoxy have just released their iOS & Android app! 

Epoxy, which provides awesome social tools to make your lives as creators so much easier, is now accessible on the go, with the Epoxy Mobile app allowing you to take advantage of those tools wherever you are. And the best part is because you’re a BBTV Creator, you get exclusive access to the app completely free!

Here’s just a few of the reasons you’ll love it:

  • Respond to your fans on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all from one place on your phone
  • Never miss an important fan comment again with your adaptive activity feed
  • Sort your posts and your comments to find out what’s working and identify your most influential fans


Interested in joining up with BBTV and becoming a part of our thriving community full of talented creators? Join ranks with some of the best, and find out how we work to cross-promote and grow your followings through our exclusive VISO Catalyst technology and our free access to amazing tools like Epoxy! Click below for more on what YouTube Network Partnership with BBTV could mean for your channel.



Epoxy Mobile App – All Your Social in One Place!

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