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Your fans are your fans because they love you! They love what you do in front of the camera, and when you respond to their comments on social it’s your way of staying connected and giving back to the community you’ve built. But what’s even better than a personalized response? A video one – and thanks to our friends over at Epoxy you can now film your own right on your phone!

Epoxy is 100% free to use for BBTV Creators – Sign up for an account here!

The latest update on the Epoxy App on iOS allows you to take your fan conversations to the next level with Video Replies.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Video Replies can be made on any fan comment, anywhere in the Epoxy app. When you spot a fan comment you like, click the new camera button Picture1 to start making a Video Reply.
  • Hold ‘Record’ to capture a Video Reply (up to 15 seconds).
  • The fan comment is overlaid on the video and can be shared natively to Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and, Instagram.

Once you’ve finished recording your reply you can share it out to any of your connected social networks. You can save the video to your camera roll and go back to create multiple versions of the same response!

Video replies include the fan’s original comment, so even though it’s a personal response to a specific fan, anyone can join in on the conversation.

So give your fans some love, and jump on Epoxy to start using Video Replies today!

Android user? Don’t worry, “Video Replies” for Android is coming soon!


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Epoxy Introduces Video Replies – Film Yourself as a Response to Fan Comments!

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  • In Good Time!

    Now I can talk to my fans,of better more loving way ^-^

    Thanks Guys For Sharing The Post!

    Partners, we will inaugurate this new tool

    Regards <3

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