Keeping up appearances on so many different social networks can be super exhausting. Especially when each one requires their own unique approach. I mean what you say on Facebook doesn’t always translate to Twitter, right? Just like what you do on Instagram doesn’t necessarily work on Vine. You have to learn the language of the network, and the right kind of content for the right platform.

That’s why we’re so excited that Epoxy’s released Twitter Video to help expand your ability to keep what you post unique to each platform! Remember as a BBTV Creator, you can access Epoxy for FREE!

This new feature is among the first creator tools to offer native video on Twitter, and is just the latest in the suite of awesome social tools for YouTubers Epoxy offers. Now that native video on Twitter autoplays in everyone’s stream, you’ll get even more views, and more engagement.

You can post a 3 – 30 second preview clip of your YouTube videos directly to native video on Twitter. It works just like making a preview clip for Instagram, Vine, or Facebook:

  • Just select your YouTube video
  • Record an edit up to 30 seconds long
  • Post it straight to Twitter video right from Epoxy!

Pretty great, huh? 

If you’ve got any questions on Epoxy, please feel free to reach out and contact us! 


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Epoxy Brings Your Videos Onto Twitter’s Native Video Player!

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