Copyright is one of the grayest areas on YouTube, and violations keep popping up all too often. Most of the time creators don’t even know they’ve done something wrong.

So what happens when you use copyright music and sounds in your video?

  • Your account may receive a strike (the most dreaded word on YouTube). Remember, three strikes and you’re OUT!
  • Your video may be claimed by whoever owns the track, giving them certain abilities to manage that content as their own. This could include:
    • Muting your audio, turning your video into a silent picture (probably not what fans are looking for).
    • Placing ads on your videos, the revenue of which goes to the original artist and publisher.  

As you can tell, issues can arise from violating the rules here, even if it’s an accident. So what can you do to keep yourself protected?

Use rights-free tracks!

BBTV offers our Creators the most extensive library of rights-free, super high-quality music and sound files – over 30,000 and growing – completely free thanks to our partnership with Epidemic Sound!

Sign up for Epidemic Sound now!

Each track is available online for instant download, without any usage restrictions! That means no hidden fees or royalties. Should you choose to leave BBTV, you won’t have to remove the songs from your videos.

And it gets better! Epidemic uniquely offers total customization, with all tracks available as separated instrumental mixes, giving you full creative freedom to trim and break down the song to fit within your video.

So stay on the right side of copyright, and log into Epidemic Sound to discover and create the perfect soundtrack for your videos!

Looking for a step-by-step tutorial? Check it out here!

And please remember, Epidemic Sound requires you (as per their Terms of Service) to provide proper citations. In particular, you need to add the following in your video description and/or in your video credits: ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)’. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


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Epidemic Sound – Keeping You on the Right Side of Copyright

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