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Davey Wavey has gone international with the latest entry in his Rising Rainbows series – enlisting Queen JJ from Germany as his collaborator! Rising Rainbows, proudly supported by us here at BBTV, offers up-and-coming LGBTQ creators a breakthrough opportunity to fly out to LA and film a video alongside Davey on his main channel that delivers nearly 1M subscribers!

JJ has only recently entered into the English-speaking YouTube world with her second channel, where she shows off the stunning powers of make-up and talks the importance of self-love. For their collaborative video, JJ and Davey dive into what it really means to be “masc”, and work to break down common stereotypes and misconceptions. We got a chance to chat with JJ about the Rising Rainbows experience in our latest Creator Q&A below.

How was your experience filming with Davey?
It was absolutely amazing! Davey is such an amazing man and so incredibly fun to be around. I’ll cherish this experience for the rest of my life and even tell my grandparents about it one day!

What attracted you to apply for Rising Rainbows?
The opportunity to broaden my audience and meet one of my biggest inspirations while traveling abroad and experiencing the world – all because of YouTube! Also I wanted to produce the best content possible for my subscribers who have supported me from the beginning. It’s the perfect way to give back to them!

What was your reaction when you found out you’d been chosen for a collaboration?
I was absolutely mind-blown. I couldn’t believe that this is actually happening to me. I’ve never won anything before, but getting chosen for this scholarship is like winning the lottery, celebrating a birthday and Christmas all that once.

What is it about makeup that you find so empowering?
It’s just about enhancing aspects that I like about my face and working around those I’m not that happy about. But on the other hand I’m still the same person with a bare face and as confident. With a whole face on I’m just more likely to conquer the world 😉

If you could summarize your channel(s) in a few sentences, what can viewers expect to find?
Just a whole lot of self-love and self-expression. I want to encourage my audience to be themselves. I always tell people that the only important thing is to be able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and be happy. Don’t change for anyone, because you yourself are the person you spend the most time with.

What do your friends and make-up clients think of your rising YouTube star status?
My friends have always been a little bit skeptical about me being in the social media business but within the past month in which my channel has been growing tremendously their attitudes have changed. They now understand that it’s not about having a million subscribers, but more about the impact you have on someone’s life. For my clients my videos are like an at home recap.

In the spirit of Rising Rainbows, are there any other YouTube Creators out there you’d like to give a shout-out to who have inspired or helped you?
YouTube has helped me make some amazing new friends. One of them is Dolices! He is so unique and crazy. He’s amazing and I truly love him as a friend.


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Davey Wavey’s Rising Rainbows Welcomes Queen JJ!

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