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DAYUM do we have a collaboration you are going to love! The latest video on Davey Wavey’s channel is an entry in his Rising Rainbows series – in which the YouTube superstar puts the spotlight on smaller LGBT YouTubers in order to help jump-start their channels and their careers. In this video, Davey works with LA’s very finest Machaizelli to bring something new to the series – a teaser-trailer of the most suggestive kind (see The Eggplant Emoji trailer). 

Known for his MacDoesIt channel, Mac is without question one of the funniest (and smartest) YouTubers you have yet to discover. And today, he’s bringing his fire to the BBTV Blog for the latest in our Rising Rainbows Q&A series. Check out the Q&A below, and be sure to check out the hilarious videos on the Rising Rainbows website!

“It’s important to show that there is no physical criteria needed to ‘fit in’”

Why do you think projects like Rising Rainbows are important to the LGBT community?
They’re crucial in bringing to light different aspects and voices within the LGBT community; those that are typically not glamorized or in the spotlight in traditional media. It’s important to show that there is no physical criteria needed to ‘fit in’ to the community.

Is this the first time you’ve participated in a project like this? Or have you ever run social initiatives through YouTube or social media channels?
On my channel I tend to do satirical comedies geared towards social issues, usually wrapping the video around a larger message of acceptance and tolerance. That’s my own way of running a social project. 

What other big YouTube personalities have you collaborated with in the past?
Davey is currently the biggest personality I have collabed with. Other than him I have worked with my friend Amanda from AmandasChronicles a few times with more scheduled collabs in the future! I also recently got the opportunity to film a small video with Buzzfeed Studios! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to collaborate with other big personalities, if they ever decide to give a small channel like me the time of day.

“YouTube is one of the only genuine platforms where you can express your creativity without the limitations or pressure of Hollywood”

What inspired you to start your YouTube channel? Were there other channels or personalities that you looked up to?
Other than my large cravings for the attention (the curse of being a theater kid), whenever I watched a creator on YouTube (Before I started) they always seemed so happy and seemed to enjoy what they were doing. The curiosity of that enjoyment encouraged me to start. YouTube is one of the only genuine platforms where you can express your creativity without the limitations or pressure of Hollywood or any outside forces. The biggest YouTuber I’ve ever looked up to, other than Davey of course, is Grace Helbig, and I hope to meet her someday!

How would you summarize your channel, in a few sentences?
I would describe it as either “Intelligently funny” or “an organized hot mess”. My channel is a mixture of comedy with a sprinkle of “the weird sides of YouTube” and a dash of “a typical social justice rant on tumblr” all baked inside an oven of screaming and PC music. I do anything from satirical comedy, parody how-tos, to just plain “wearing a shirt on my head to pretend it’s hair” nonsense.

“…ideas come when I am either half-awake or on the toilet”

We’ve seen that you engage viewers to help you decide what content to create. What other techniques do you have that help you land on video ideas?
For the majority of the videos that I create, the ideas come when I am either half-awake or on the toilet. I also tend to spend my time looking at trending articles and topics on tumblr and Twitter, reading what people are saying about them, and making a video based on the events.

What’s next for you and your YouTube career? Any new projects on the horizon?
Nothing huge right now, but I’m currently working on making more scripted videos, (the majority of my videos currently are unscripted), and skits, I’ve also been approached by a bunch of creators for potential collaborations.

Are there any YouTubers who’ve inspired you, or who have helped you along your path, who you’d like us to shout out to for you?
The two YouTubers that have helped me the most are AmandasChronicles and Anthony Deluca. They have both given me advice and helped me stop being afraid and anxious. They’ve helped me gain confidence, and taught me to say ‘yes’ more, and ever since I started listening my growth has been phenomenal!


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Davey Wavey Presents Rising Rainbows, Featuring Machaizelli – The Eggplant Emoji

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