2MGoverCsquared is bringing gaming to a new level! Ally doesn’t just want to show off her super sick skills, she wants to bring the fun back to gaming! So instead of being uber competitive, 2MGoverCsquared wants viewers to have a hilariously fun time on her channel! And don’t be surprised if she throws in some science knowledge, she did name her channel after the radius of a Super Massive Black Hole! Find out more about 2MGoverCsquared in this creator Q&A!


Hi Ally, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions about 2MGoverCsquared! For viewers who aren’t already familiar with your content, what is your channel all about? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I am Ally. 2MGoverCsquared. That is 2 M G over C squared R=2(MassxGravityConstant)/c2 This is known as The Schwarzschild radius. This equation is used to calculate the Radius of a Non-Rotating Super Massive Black Hole. Science. People call me Gover for short. My YouTube channel is about Video Games. However it is a little different, rather than focusing on being the best at the game and showing off my incredible gaming skills – I focus on funny moments and humor that videogames can bring. It is all about having fun! If I can make you laugh – then my job is done.

How long have you been gaming for? Was transitioning your love of gaming into a YouTube channel difficult?

I have been gaming since I was a kid – it started out with the original Game Boy playing Tetris . Then Nintendo 64 playing Pokemon Stadium with my brothers and Super Smash Bros. I would watch my older brother AJ play all the Final Fantasy games on Play Station for hours (he wouldn’t let me play because it was his game). Then in college I used my financial aid money to get a PS3 to play games like Gundam Dynasty Warriors, Soul Calibur IV, Mortal Kombat IX, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Funny story; One day after Mid terms I sat down to play CoD and my roommate walked into my room and I told him jokingly “I am going to record my game play and upload it to YouTube” not knowing that a couple months later that is what I would actually be doing that. Transitioning my love for gaming into a YouTube channel wasn’t very difficult because I went into this with the mind set that I would be doing this as a hobby. No expectations to make money off of it let alone making a living off of it. So there was no pressure. Then people actually enjoyed my content and my channel grew quickly and I was excited because I really enjoy recording game play, editing footage, and applying my sense of humor to my channel.

What has been the biggest change in your life since becoming a YouTuber?

There is so much that has changed about my life since becoming a YouTuber. I think the biggest thing for me is being my own boss. I’ve worked in many places, from retail, to restaurants, to even candy shops, and I always had an issue with people telling me how things “should” be done. So the fact that I am 100% able to create my schedule & content on my terms is an amazing thing.

What’s your favorite game right now?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I’ve played a lot of FPS games but CS:GO is extremely competitive and addictive. I also enjoy going on murderous rampages in Grand Theft Auto V. We all have a little bit of psycho in us so it is nice to let it out in a video game. DayZ will always have a special place in my heart – this game is the only game that can get my heart racing as much as it does when you are fully geared and run into a 5 man squad and you have to make the decision to bail or just go for it. It is also a great game for role play interaction.

How often do you play when you aren’t recording or streaming?

Not too often anymore. I really enjoy ending my day with some Hearthstone in bed before I drift off to sleep. However now that my career is gaming I need to do things outside of gaming that gives me a healthy balance. It’s kind of funny because I spend a lot of time working, recording, editing, and emails, but I feel like I have more time to do other things that I love like reading, driving, snowboarding, spending time with family and friends. I am a very lucky girl and I am so thankful that this is the path that life has led me on.

What advice would you give gamers that are just starting out on YouTube?

Be yourself – don’t try to mimic other successful YouTubers because your originality will make you stand out. Stay dedicated – there will be discouraging moments however if you see those moments through and turn discouragement into drive you can not fail. Have fun – You you aren’t having fun while doing this, then don’t do it.

What can we expect next from you?

Subscribe and find out 😉


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Creator Q&A with 2MGoverCsquared

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