Adrianna Dilonardo and Sarah Rotella are the dynamic duo behind the YouTube sensation Unsolicited Project. After scoring a viral hit with “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends” these high school besties have built their channel into one of the most followed, and most beloved LGBTQ hubs on YouTube. Sarah and Adrianna also have something amazing in the works – their very own feature-length film! Almost Adults was funded through a kickstarter campaign that exploded within the first twelve hours of launch. The comedy features follows two best friends in their final year of college while they transition into adulthood. You can learn more about Almost Adults at their official webpage. We got a chance to catch up with the two on the cusp Almost Adults’ release to talk their journey, their film, and their ideal leading lady. Check it below!

You two go all the way back to high school, so when did the idea of starting up your YouTube channel come about?

We’ve been making videos together since high school and have always really enjoyed collaborating. The channel came about in 2012, when we both attended a TIFF talk featuring Gale Anne Hurd. Someone in the audience asked how they could “break in” to the film and TV industry and she said that they should just make content, and keep making it. We decided to make a web series called “The Unsolicited Project” and put it on YouTube. So that’s really where the first video of ours came about.

You’re both obviously very, very funny. Did either of you have a background in comedy before starting on YouTube?

Adrianna has always been a funny person, and really enjoyed making comedy shorts and making people laugh. Sarah was really into sci-fi and fantasy growing up. But since Adrianna is the one writing everything, and Sarah is directing, we make comedy shorts. Sucks to be Sarah.

Where do you get your ideas for projects on your channel?  

They come from all over the place. Some are based on real life and moments that have actually happened to us, others like web series and our feature we actually sat together and brainstormed ideas. Most of our sketches though will be one of us asking the other “would a video about this be funny” and if the other says “yup” then we do it.

What was the experience of making Almost Adults like? How are you feeling with the release around the corner?

Making Almost Adults was first of all, a dream come true, and second, one of the most tiring projects we have ever done. We had the bright idea of shooting a feature film while both of us had 9-5 jobs and the YouTube channel. So for a good 5 months we were working 24/7. But after finally seeing the finished project we are so thrilled with how it turned out, all of those nights working until 3am were worth it. We are so excited and we just want to share it with people.

Can you tell us a bit more about the project. What inspired you to make a full length film?

The reason why we started a YouTube channel was because we’re both filmmakers, and don’t consider ourselves YouTube personalities or actors. One of our goals was to make a feature film before we were 30. Since no one in Toronto wanted to give us money to make a film we decided to do it ourselves with the help from our subscribers.

Have you noticed a big change in the visibility of LGBT voices on YouTube from when you started compared to now?

Definitely. It seems like a new LGBT YouTuber is popping up every single day. With big creators like Hannah Hart, Ingrid Nilsen, Joey Graceffa, Connor Franta, Gigi Gorgeous etc, coming out and openly talking about their sexuality, it allows others who may have been afraid to now be proud and out on YouTube as well, which is nothing but great.

You guys are based in Toronto where there’s a very active lesbian community. Do you guys ever have any fangirl encounters on the streets?

Oh occasionally, most of our fangirl encounters are nervous girls that seem to be scared of us.

What was your experience at VidCon last year like?

Overwhelming. We had never been to a YouTube convention before, and didn’t know what to expect. For some reason we didn’t know it was going to be like a Justin Bieber concert of three days straight of fangirls screaming all day. Actually seeing and getting to talk to our subscribers in person was a great experience and we can’t wait to go back!

Finally, if you could have anyone star in one of your projects, who would it be?

Kristen Stewart.



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Creator Q&A: Unsolicited Project Talk Almost Adults!

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