You might recognize multi-instrumentalist and YouTube sensation Rob Scallon as the guy who brought you “Metal in Inappropriate Places” and several other hilarious guitar and strings-based masterpieces. His viral and awesomely ridiculous videos include banjo covers of Slayer and an original metal song consisting of just one note. We got a chance to chat with Rob to find out what’s ahead for metal guitarists’ favorite YouTuber in our latest BBTV Creator Q&A! Check it out below:

First off Rob, huge congrats on the success of your channel! For any viewers out there who aren’t super familiar with what you do, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your life on YouTube?
Well thanks! If I’m to put it into a sentence it’s “I play guitar for the internet.” I’m kind of all over the place, original songs, weird covers, musical tomfoolery… but uuuusually there’s a stringed instrument being played, mostly a guitar.

How long have you been playing the guitar for?
Maybe 15 years now?…

Have you always been a big metal fan?
It’s always been a big part of my musical life. The Northwest suburbs of Chicago when I was growing up had a surprisingly active metal scene. Much of what I know about music, concerts, or just playing instruments comes from this time. You do not want me dancing at your party…

What was the inspiration behind doing metal covers with non-metal instruments on YouTube?
Just throwing a lot of spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks I guess haha.
I vaguely remember sometime around 2004 playing Raining Blood on banjo in a Guitar Center and making some friends laugh. Not sure why it took me so long to bring that to the internet.

What’s the biggest change in your life that you’ve noticed since your stuff went viral?
A larger audience and many more opportunities that come with a larger audience. I had been full-time on YouTube for about a year prior to some “viral” videos and the growth in my audience since then has made a lot more things possible.

Do you have a favourite video (that you created)? Why?
Does it Djent is currently my favorite of the newest batch of videos. I am proud of how deep the rabbit hole goes and how much bigger of a project it is. Other then that I am really thankful for “Anchor” having the viewership it has. Original songs without any comedic elements are a lot less likely to reach that many people. I’m really proud of that song/video.

We hear your play in bands with some fellow YouTubers, so tell us how that came about?
Every band needs a drummer it seems haha, and if they’re looking for someone in the YouTube world, I guess my name comes up.

What do you want to say to the people watching your channel?

What can we expect next from you?
A signature guitar and a new album using it.


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Creator Q&A with Rob Scallon

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