Maverick Entertainment is a leader in independent film, with a reputation for delivering features that tackle subjects often overlooked by Hollywood. Now in their 18th year of distribution, their impressive catalogue covers genres including African American experiences, horror, Latino driven storylines, and LGBT topics. We got a chance to catch up with Maverick to chat about how they got started on YouTube, and what’s ahead for their channel! Check out our latest Creator Q&A below:

Hi Maverick Entertainment! For anyone who hasn’t seen your channel, can you tell us a bit about your content?  

Maverick Entertainment Group, (MEG) is an independent distributor that has been around for close to 18 years. Our niche is Urban, African American and Latino content from mostly first time filmmakers. Since we’ve been around, we are well known in this genre and hold one of the largest urban product catalogs, (almost 450 films) in the world.

What was your inspiration for starting this company? What led you to start releasing your films on YouTube?

The Latino and African American movie market was underserved and we felt there was a big need for these types of films.  Owner, Doug Schwab’s background included being a DVD buyer for Blockbuster years ago.  The stores were clamoring for this genre.  He decided to branch out on his own and start distributing independent movies – the rest is history. Maverick Movies on YouTube happened in a similar way. We listened to our fans, and they were begging for us to release movies for them to watch any time of day or night, in the comfort of their home.

Tell us more about your new ‘Watch and Win’ contest! How can viewers enter this awesome giveaway?

The ‘Watch and Win’ contest came about to reward our loyal subscribers and give back. We’ve been fortunate to have such a dedicated audience and felt it was time to create something that rewards them for watching our movies, shows, and trailers. Every Wednesday, we announce a free movie to our viewers. There’s a golden ticket that appears somewhere in the movie. When a viewer sees it, they click on it and enter.

Although it may be difficult to choose a favourite video on your channel, is there one in particular that holds a soft spot for you guys?

Oh, that is difficult to choose. We like to think of our filmmakers and their films as family, so that would be like picking your favorite child. It can’t be done!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced when releasing your independent films?

There are various challenges.  When there is no box office draw, no budget and no named cast members it’s extremely difficult.  We base our sales and marketing points on several factors we can control, such as key art, being focused on the subject matter and cast. Our staff works closely with the filmmakers to get the word out to customers and digital partners too.

What do you want to say to the people watching your channel?

Thank you for your support and growing with us. We sincerely appreciate all the support over the years. There’s an intimate connection between Maverick and our viewers and we hope they enjoy the movies, shows, and trailers we release. We’d also like them to keep telling us what they’d like to see and we’ll go out and get it done.  Also, don’t keep Maverick a secret. Tell your friends, your family, and your co-workers about the extraordinary Independent movies we have on our channel.

What can we expect next from Maverick Entertainment?  

We’re always changing and trying out new ideas.  We are just about to start a new documentary label, and have some great episodic content coming up next year.  We’re excited about the future, our partnership with BBTV and most importantly, our subscribers.   Maverick listens, and we want to keep growing.

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Creator Q&A: Maverick Entertainment!

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