Jon Peters Art & Home channel will inspire and teach you how to create art pieces, woodworking projects and all things home improvement! Whether you are just starting out as an artist, or looking to create professional work for your home, Jon Peters‘ instructional videos will provide you with the know-how to make great DIY projects that will bring art and design to your home!

For viewers who aren’t already familiar with your stuff, how would you sum up your ‘Art & Home’ channel?
My channel offers practical advice for people doing small home renovations, woodworking projects and making art for their home.

How did you get started on YouTube? What was your inspiration for starting a channel about woodworking and art?  
I was building a dining room farmhouse table using salvaged legs I found in an old home in Vermont back in March 2010. I figured making a video and posting it to YouTube was a good way to share the project with friends who were interested in following the project. The video got a lot of views and that was my start.
I enjoy teaching and showing people how to make things. I’ve always been the guy friends call when buying a new tool or trying to fix something around the house…or to answer questions at the lumberyard or in the aisle at the hardware store. With four kids, I’m always teaching and YouTube gives makers like me a great platform to share knowledge. In the long run, it’s nice to know that my kids will be able to refer back to my videos when it’s time to build something for their own home.

How did you get started in home renovations and woodworking?
I started working at a cabinet shop in High School and learned a ton through on-the-job training. I worked there for a few years and realized I did a better job than most people I hired. I take a lot of pride and satisfaction in my work.

What has been the biggest change in your life since becoming a YouTuber?
Realizing the power of video to teach and being part of the YouTube community. The interactive and visual nature of YouTube is a very effective way to teach. It’s always nice to hear that my videos inspire people to build their own projects.

What is your favourite piece that you’ve created?
Tough one, but my video series “How To Build a TV Lift Cabinet” was a fun project to design and build and its become very popular on YouTube. It helps break down a pretty complex woodworking project into manageable steps for the DIYer and it combines woodworking with interior design.

Do you have a video you’re most proud of? Why?
“How to Build A Set of Modern Chairs” because it combines art, design, and furniture building into one project. That’s what my YouTube channel is all about.

What do you want to say to the people watching your channel?
Take your time and enjoy the projects you’re working on. Break things down and go one step at a time. Making furniture, creating art or doing a home renovation project is like moving a pile a dirt…take one shovelful at a time.

What kind of projects and videos can we expect next from you?
I think my viewers like the diversity my channel offers so I’ll continue with a regular series of art, woodworking and design projects and will always focus on improving the production quality of my videos. I have a full schedule of longer format woodworking and furniture-building projects planned that focus on teaching. These in-depth projects will be punctuated with shorter, faster-moving videos. Viewers will get the real meat, plus a taste of new things to help provide inspiration.



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Creator Q&A with Jon Peters

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