During the Holidays, it’s important sometimes to remember that there might be a better way to give. Week after week, beauty and lifestyle maven Ela Gale delivers incredible, ingenious green solutions and DIY tutorials for everything from skincare to home décor. Just in time for the holiday season, Ela has shared natural recipes for crafting your own homemade bath/beauty gift set,(check out he vid here).

With her eco-friendly, DIY outlook, we got a chance to catch up on what she’s got in store for the Holidays and get her advice on ways to keep your spending (and gifts for friends), in the green! Check out this special edition of Creator Q&A below!

What is your favourite part of the Holiday Season?
Coming home to mum’s house is the best part of the holidays for me. It’s summer here in the south and mum’s garden is always abundant with fresh fruits and vegetables, there are flowers everywhere and it’s just a really happy time. I particularly like getting up in the mornings and wandering the garden for a fresh-picked breakfast, eaten as I go.

What are some holiday themed vegan treats viewers can expect to see this year?
I have just uploaded a video for a vegan trifle that I absolutely love. Trifle is one of my favourite holiday desserts and I love that there are vegan versions for the cream, custard, and jelly so it’s just like the original :D.

Are there any dishes you particularly look forward to during this time of year?
Yes, I love salads! I know it’s the opposite for those in the Northern hemisphere right now, but the holidays for me is all about fresh summer produce. We make a festive salsa-type salad of corn kernels, finely chopped red onion, cubed tomato and cucumber, all the ingredients are picked from mum’s garden and it’s so tasty.

What is your go-to makeup for a holiday party?
Red lips. I guess that’s quite common… It’s one of the few occasions I wear bright lipstick 🙂

Do you have any gift recommendations for those who are trying to keep the holidays Earth friendly?
A non-consumerism or ‘buy-nothing Christmas’ is a really great thing. For me that means making homemade low-resource gifts like food or scrapbooks or poems, giving gifts of time like a voucher for weeding the garden, giving experiences, recycling/up-cycling things for gifts and giving gifts of charity. I do still buy things during the holidays but I think it’s a period of excessive consumerism and we often get sucked into buying so much junk …which causes a whole array of negative environmental impacts through their production and waste.

Do you have a DIY gift you can recommend for a significant other?
I think the bath set I recently uploaded a video on is a great homemade gift for girls…or guys actually. Last year my partner and I painted each other rocks, but I don’t know if other people would enjoy that as much haha!

Lastly, what’s your go-to holiday movie?
I actually don’t have one that I avidly watch, Home Alone is on the TV so much this time of year that I always end up watching it though. I’m looking forward to watching the Christmas special of Downton Abbey this holiday!



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Creator Q&A: A DIY Holiday With Ela Gale!

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