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Chloe East is something of a showbiz veteran…and she’s only 14! This California girl began her successful modelling career at age 9 and made her television debut shortly thereafter playing Sheriff Andy’s daughter in the HBO mega-hit “True Blood”. Since then Chloe’s starred in nationwide commercials and made a real name for herself pursuing her first love – dance! With videos of her showstopping routines, Chloe started drawing big attention on YouTube. Soon, she moved into vlogging, cooking, and DIY tutorials that showcased her bubbly personality and transformed her into a fan favourite with young audiences everywhere. Chloe’s also built a massive following on Instagram, and her social media savvy continues to propel her to bigger things online! We got a chance to catch up with this teenage YouTube phenom, and recent addition to the BBTV Creator lineup, to discuss all things Chloe and get a few hints on what she’s got on the horizon, check it out below!

To start things off Chloe, for viewers who aren’t already familiar with your work, what’s your channel all about? Tell us a bit about yourself! 

It’s really a mix of fashion, fun, and DIYs mixed in with all the craziness that comes from my day-to-day life as a working actress, dancer, and model.

What got you started making YouTube videos about your day-to-day adventures? Was there something or someone that inspired you?

Actually it started out with me posting my dance videos on YouTube. When rainbow looms were popular I became obsessed with watching every YouTube video on the subject, (kind of embarrassing I know), so my first non-dance video was a Rainbow loom haul. Then I started doing Cooking with Chloe, Daily Vlogs and viewer comments directed me from there.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your life since becoming a YouTuber? What do your friends think of you being an online star?

Well I certainly don’t see myself as an online Star! But It is kind of fun when someone recognizes me from YouTube, Instagram or TV commercials at the mall or somewhere.

How do you come up with the ideas for your videos? Do you brainstorm with friends or search the web for inspiration?

I watch alot of YouTube vids, so that’s where tons of the concepts come from. I then add my own personality, point of view and always try to add in humour. I get alot of ideas from my followers also.

What’s your favorite video you’ve made?

My Summer Night Time Video. It was the first video that gave me clarity on the direction I see myself going.

How long have you been dancing and acting? Who are your personal idols that you look up to?

I started Dancing at 2-and-a-half years old. I entered a model search at 9 and had my first paid modeling job that same year. I started acting at age 5, I was a munckin in the Wizard of Oz! At 11 I got my first role in a Lifetime TV movie. I love mylifeiseva, and RCLbeauy101 (a fellow BBTV Creator) has always been one of my favourites.

How about favourite artists you love dancing to?

It depends on the piece. I love all kinds of music!

You have a huge Instagram following and a great community around your channel, how do your fans influence or inspire you?

They are a major inspiration as far as what to post. Also in what YouTube videos they want to see.

What’s in store for Chloe East in the future?

When I’m not auditioning or working in acting or modeling jobs, my time will be spent between school, dance classes and of course doing what I love, Making YOUTUBE Videos!

What advice do you want to give to all the people out there who are looking to start a YouTube channel of their own?

Make videos that you, yourself, would want to watch. Don’t judge yourself either. Friendships are more important than followers or subscriber numbers. Just let it rippppp. Press record!

Finally, what do you have planned for the summer?

I have a couple acting jobs that I will be working on, (not allowed to say specifically yet!) I’m also introducing a dance wear line that I designed for Details Dancewear. It will be launched at the Dancer Palooza Dance Convention in Long Beach. I will be doing several meet n’ greets there throughout the weekend. Other than that, a couple modeling shoots this month and of course what I’m the most excited about is my meet-up event at VidCon and meeting everyone at The BBTV Booth!

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Creator Q&A: Get Caught Up With Chloe East

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