#BBTVFam at Summer in the City

Last month some of the #BBTVFam crossed the pond to London, England to take Summer in the City by storm! Chris Oflyng, 100 layer master,  was nice enough to give us the low down on his experience at the event of the summer.


Chris Oflyng’s Take on Summer in the City

Summer in the city or “SIT-SEE” as the locals like to call it was an absolute blast!

My name is Christopher Oflyng and I’m a 19 year old vlogger from the US who was lucky enough to be brought out to SITC by BBTV. Seeing this whole new side of the YouTube community, the UK YouTube community, was an absolute blast. This event was very unique, because unlike Vidcon and other events such as playlist live, as a creator it felt much more intimate.

Everything from the venue itself which had, meet and greets, booths, panels and rides, all the way to the after parties felt much more heartwarming and welcoming than any other event I’ve ever been too. Although I didn’t know many of the YouTuber’s going into the event, by the end I felt like I was very well acquainted with the UK YouTube community as a whole.



Even Marina Joyce was there, who seemed to be doing very well despite all the drama and ridiculous claims. As far as London as a city goes, I was absolutely floored by the scenery. This city is so ancient and you can tell in the details of the architecture. Buildings both modern and new all the way to ancient from the victorian era scatter the massive city. On the other hand, transportation is difficult, as the whole city uses the underground rail system. After a while though, this maze of a city becomes a puzzle and travel becomes fun.

Everything in London is connected and the people are so kind, there is truly nothing to worry about when traveling through the city even late at night.

Overall Summer in the City was an amazing event to spend time connecting with fans, and social networking to other creators and industry folks. I’m super happy with my experience, and already looking forward to next year!


-Chris Oflyng


Check out Chris’s latest video here!

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Chris Oflyng at Summer in the City

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