A question that keeps coming up with our Creators, is how to change up the Google+ Page that’s linked to your YouTube account – particularly switching a personal profile with a business page.

So to start off, here are the key differences between each:

Google+ Profile: Representing individuals, your profile identity is used across all Google services, so you’ll have a consistent name across YouTube and all of Google.

Google+ Page: Used to represent your brand or business, your page is separate from your profile identity, so you can use a different name on your page and your channel than you do on other Google services.

For a lot of partners, we recommend you set-up a proper Business Google+ Page as you look to build your personal brand online.

Now, in order to switch from a Google+ Profile to a Google+ Page as a link on your YouTube profile, you’ll need to follow these step:

Process for Signing Up Your Google+ Page with Your YouTube Channel:

  1. Log Into YouTube
  2. Click the top right corner icon
  3. Click “Change” – this will take you to Google+
  4. Mouse over to the left drop-down menu where it says “Profile”
  5. Select “Pages”
  6. Follow the prompts to create a business page for your brand or channel.
  7. Log back in to YouTube.
  8. Click the Top right corner icon.
  9. Click the cogwheel icon where it says “YouTube Settings” this time.
  10. Select “Advanced” under your main info in the center of the page
  11. Click the option that says “Move channel to different Google+ profile or page”
  12. Follow the instructions to connect the channel to your newly created Google+ page.

You should now have the ability to add managers via Google+ once this process is complete.  To do so:

  1. Go to Google+ (Follow steps 1-4 above)
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. One of the options there will be “Managers” in the top middle.
  4. Add the email(s) of who you’d like to manage your page.

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Changing the Google+ Page on Your YouTube Account: Step-By-Step

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