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YouTube Music1 Changing the Game: The Power of Online Video & the Music Industry

2005 was a landmark year in the history of music. Not just because Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ ruled the airwaves but because 2005 was the year YouTube launched and changed the game for musicians and fans forever.

Not since the early ‘80s, when MTV hit the airwaves, has a platform had this level of impact on how we experience music. Nearly a decade later, we’re all still living the YouTube effect. Can you imagine your life without it at this point? And yes, once upon a time MTV played music in case no one can remember.

A Post-YouTube World

Online video is now a go-to spot for finding artists and tracks. Its become the hub for a whole new kind of music experience. You hear something on the radio, you YouTube it. Artists and music industry executives have taken notice. They are finding ways to innovate not only in the music their producing, but in the digital video experience that surrounds the event of a major song. From amazing live performances to official mash-ups and remixes, online video is what keeps people listening, talking and sharing.

I mean how else do you explain this?

YouTube has also become invaluable for new talent, offering them an open mic that’s plugged in around the world, all the time. The viral nature of the platform has led to some of today’s biggest acts getting their start from homemade uploaded videos. It might be hard to believe, but we’d be living in a world without Bieber-Fever if it wasn’t for YouTube.

Networks Helping Artists

Networks are playing a major role in this too. Artists are joining up with MCNs with built-in audiences that love their genre. More than coming together with fans, online video has also given artists the opportunity to discover one another and collaborate. The payoff from this, which you can explore yourself with the new collaboration tools on VISO Catalyst, is seeing what’s possible when artists not only combine skills but also tap into one another’s audiences.

YouTube loves music, ranking this among its most popular content. Artists are realizing how much is possible with it everyday, showcasing their talents, reaching new audiences and finding new ways to collaborate. WIMSIC and Oppostion came entirely out of this idea, connecting like-minded creators around the brilliant sounds they create.


Changing the Game: The Power of Online Video & the Music Industry

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