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For years now we’ve seen online video – and YouTube in particular – take an increasingly important role in the worlds of marketing and brand awareness. There’s more shiny gadgets around, more distractions, and when it comes down to it there are just more places for our eyes to go instead of where the traditional ads are – […]

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If there’s one concept that the digital age has provoked and confounded more than any other, it’s got to be intellectual property. This is the world we live in today: America’s trying to strong-arm India into respecting their patents, cable companies know exactly which movies you’re pirating (and will hunt you), this company’s suing that […]


    The research firm L2 recently published a case study that painted a pretty dark picture of the fashion world’s grasp on YouTube as a marketing tool. As a result last week the YouTube marketing world was abuzz with articles asserting that luxury fashion brands were “dropping the ball on YouTube”. While some of […]

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With YouTube’s clutch on the world of digital media growing stronger by the year, it is becoming clear that brand presence on YouTube equates to a level of publicity unachievable by other platforms. It’s more than just YouTube’s reach though that drives leading brands to the online video giant — studies have shown that YouTube’s ability to […]

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Just three years back in 2011, 38% of American kids were using tablets and smartphones. So much for the good old days when your kids gathered to read Goosebumps by the fireplace, you might say. Well today 72% of children eight & under are glued to those screens and more than one-third of toddlers under the […]

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Avatar came out back in 2009, and is still by far the biggest movie of all-time. Its box office crown has yet to be even close to being threatened by any blockbuster since. But why? Why was a movie about blue martians and global warming and a few other confusing subplots so popular? Its because […]

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Playlists after playlists, video after video, we’ve all seen the signs that the style and beauty industries are going strong on YouTube. There’s no denying it, and brands are starting to take notice on a larger scale working directly with influential creators from around the world – but how do you tap into that phenomenon […]