BBTV partners Major Lazer released the official music video today for their new hit song “Know No Better” featuring Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo. The song is amongst four new releases from the talented trio and every single is sure to be scorching the charts all summer long. The “Know No Better” music video […]

YouTube Gaming

  After launching in the US and UK last year, the YouTube Gaming mobile app is now live in Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, for iOS and Android devices! YouTube Gaming is built just for gamers, and the team over at YouTube has looked to the community to help them find the best ways […]


  The unveiling of the YouTube app redesign has been divisive for users. Comment boards have been lighting up with harsh reactions to the new look, that reflects Google’s new “material design” aesthetic, ever since it was first released. With a boldly-red theme, the update includes integrated contextual menu buttons and a layered UI divided […]

BBTV Trends

    The run-up to the fall premieres of TV’s biggest shows had the twitter-verse in a full-scale tizzy this past week, with juggernauts like Empire, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder kicking off all new explosive runs. The overall buzz this season was 34% higher than in 2014, with 21 million tweets […]

youtube music awards logo hoch

Yesterday marked the return of the YouTube Music Awards, with an event that took a far different approach to previous years. For this outing, YouTube bypassed a flashy, live traditional ceremony full of big name performers and presenters, and instead made the music awards all about one thing…the music itself. Big name acts still led […]

YouTube Music
What's Trending

YouTube’s advertising options are considerably more comprehensive than those available in traditional media. With marketing decisions on the platform including pre-roll or mid-roll, videos or banners, ads or branded entertainment and god-only-knows-what-else, it would be a waste to produce generic content and post it there without first considering its wealth of options. In an effort […]

Brand Loyalty
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So your marketing team is committed to investing a little more into YouTube; brand loyalty is your goal. You’ve been pumping some money into Adwords video placements, maybe you’ve even dipped into some custom content for your branded YouTube channel. But you’re not seeing the return – neither directly nor in brand loyalty or awareness. […]

User-generated content
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Considering online video’s unparalleled effect on brand awareness and loyalty, it makes sense that YouTube user-generated content is now a big dot on the radars of the world’s leading brands. The term “user-generated content” only emerged around a decade ago, and since then we’ve seen brands become intricately concerned with tracking and managing that content on […]