Outspeak 1024x576 BroadbandTV and The Huffington Post Join forces to launch the First Next Generation Online Video Journalism Network   Outspeak

Today, we’re excited to announce BBTV’s latest online brand, Outspeak! Outspeak is the first next-generation online video journalism network that we’ve launched with The Huffington Post – the Pulitzer Prize-winning global source of breaking news, opinion, entertainment, and community! Together, we’ve teamed up to create a major next-generation online video network that empowers a new age of digital storytelling. Celebrating unique perspectives on current events in politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and business & tech, Outspeak calls on creators everywhere to speak their minds, drive ideas, and inspire audiences.

Select creators will be featured across a number online destinations, including YouTube, Huffington Post Live, The Huffington Post website, and key Huffington Post and BBTV social channels, and even have the opportunity to develop their channels into original content series co-produced with the Outspeak brand.

All Outspeak partners will benefit from BBTV’s full suite of content creator tools, solutions and services, including partner experience, promotion, production and technology, which include VISO Catalyst, BBTV’s proprietary technology platform.

Outspeak joins a suite of premium brands from BroadbandTV: TGN, the most engaged gaming network on YouTube; Opposition, the largest hip-hop music network; WIMSIC the number two Electronic Dance Music (EDM) network; and HooplaKidz, the leading kids and family network.

Stay tuned for more on Outspeak very soon!


BroadbandTV and The Huffington Post Join forces to launch the First Next-Generation Online Video Journalism Network – Outspeak

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