Most creators know that there are a lot more ways to earn money on YouTube than just pre-rolls and banner ads. We’re constantly thinking of new ways to get partners involved with brands that want to reach your dedicated audiences, but how do you work with them as a gamer without looking like a sell-out? You know, without haphazardly pasting logos everywhere and sounding like a bad infomercial inspired by the slap-chop guy.

Find the right fit 

Finding the right brand to work with is just like finding a collaborator for your next Let’s Play or headshot montage – they’ve gotta’ be the right fit. But what does that mean exactly? At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have to change what it is that YOU do to accommodate for any collaborator. Legitimacy is the key, and your audience doesn’t want to see you change up your game.

You might have seen in the news that this mentality is catching on amongst video and game platforms, with Twitch and Steam leading the way for sponsorship transparency. Your YouTube audience is no different, so as we send out more and more opportunities for partners to work with brands, be sure to stick to your guns to determine if it’s right for your content. It’s the key to keeping your fans happy.

Opportunities for partners 

BBTV network partners have worked with anyone from Squarespace to E3 in the past, and we’ve got plenty more opportunities coming down the line for partners of all sizes. If you haven’t gotten nudged for an opportunity yet, don’t fret! We’ve got your back and our team is working double-time to develop new campaigns between partners and your favourite brands.

Something else to remember – collaboration isn’t limited to working with companies. Working with other creators is one of the best ways to build your audience, so be sure to check out our collaboration tools on VISO Catalyst if you haven’t already

The Big Key to Sponsorships for Gamers

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