For a lot of high school girls, it doesn’t get much bigger than prom. They get the shoes, they get the dress and they live out the night Hollywood style. This is also the first time many of them splurge on having a team of pros take care of their beauty-prep. With hair and makeup all done up, it’s hard not to think ‘how amazing would it be if I could look this great all the time?’

Then comes the reality check – beauty ain’t cheap, and unless your last name is Kardashian having your makeup done professionally every day isn’t going to happen. So what do you do then? Do you secretly film your make-up artist in action and try to copy their technique in the bathroom mirror? If it was 2004, maybe. But in 2014 girls everywhere have found a new way to master make-up – YouTube it.

The YouTube Beauty Revolution

YouTube has revolutionized the beauty industry with make-up ‘how-to’ tutorials among the highest searched on the platform. But who are people watching? MAC and Sephora? Major brands have their own channels but this isn’t who’s shaping the game. It’s Beauty Vloggers, known commonly as ‘gurus’, taking over.

Who are the Beauty Vloggers?

They’re the girl next door. No really, she could be. These gurus are everyday girls with a passion for make-up who use over-the-counter products and generate massive audiences. They are mostly under 25 and often under 18 and have parlayed their YouTube success into lucrative careers. Much of their appeal comes from relatability, along with consistency and engagement that major brands have yet to understand.

Gurus on average publish new content seven-times more than brand channels and decide on their next topics based on viewer requests. Viewers begin to identify with a face that they see on a more consistent basis, and many viewers will gravitate toward a guru whose age, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences resemble their own.

How’s the Industry responding? 

Given these gurus’ staggering appeal to online beauty consumers, beauty brands are naturally taking notice. Demand in this industry is so huge there is now annual ‘BeautyCons’ in LA, London and New York where the internet’s most influential Vloggers converge with their ever-growing fan bases. The Gurus are getting savvy too, partnering up with networks to expand their audiences. They’re also joining up with one-stop lifestyle channels, like Kandesa, that offer vibrant communities of online personalities that share their passions for style, health, and beauty.

So next time you need a beauty ‘how to’ or a product review, remember you don’t need to go straight to the professionals, you can go to YouTube for a guru’s take that will speak right to you.


Beauty Vloggers: YouTube’s Rising Power Players

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