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Do you create AMAZING videos, but it seems like nobody ever sees them? It’s probably because your videos are not optimized to their fullest potential!

When people are searching for videos on YouTube, optimizing keywords can help your content rank higher and more accurately.


So how can you optimize your keywords?


The most effective way to target certain keywords is by uncovering the exact words and phrases people use to search for videos like yours. Free tools, like YouTube Keyword Planner and YouTube Trends, can be super effective to give you the insights you need here. If you want more data, paid tools, such as VidIQ,  are also available.

In YouTube, your tags are your keywords, and they should do a few things.  YouTube tags should identify what your video is about at its most basic level, as well as the general category or genre it fits into, (i.e. gaming).  They should also be targeted to your content and your channel.  Mixing generic (macro, category tags), with specific tags will make your content really stick out on search.

The trick is to find the balance between  the keywords that are driving a significant number of searches but aren’t so popular that it will be nearly impossible to rank for them. The number you’re looking for will vary from topic to topic, but always keep in mind that you want to target keywords that are frequently used, but not overly competitive.

After you’ve found the best keywords for your content, use them! Include your keywords in your title, description, and tags. And be strategic! More isn’t more in this situation, and if you start spamming your videos with too many keywords it will cause your video rank to plummet.


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#BBTVTips : Why You Should Target Certain Keywords

Sara Ruthnum

Sara is the Brand Marketing Specialist at BBTV. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, she moved to Vancouver, BC to attend the University of British Columbia, coincidentally the same year as the Vancouver Olympics Games. She now enjoys all the city has to offer. Sara received her Bachelor of Arts from the UBC with a double concentration in the Humanities and Economics.

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