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Looks matter.

I’m talking about your YouTube channel. When someone finds your channel you want to make sure that they see the best version of what you have to offer. Don’t make it confusing or messy, and especially, Don’t Make Me Think!  

Here are our TOP 4 ways you can get your YouTube channel looking sharp.


Banners are like the window to your channel. They give your viewers, at a glance, a peak into what your video content is all about.

What makes a good banner?

  • Consistent colors that match your brand and thumbnails
  • Your logo / picture
  • Engaging design
  • Minimal text


Speaking of thumbnails, it’s important to be consistent in your branding in every video. When people browse your videos through your channel, thumbnails act as a cover to quickly entice the viewer to watch. They’re also a valuable asset when promoting your video content. Instead of solely sharing links to your YouTube content, share the link and the thumbnail image.


Organizing your videos into playlists can be one of the best ways to let your viewers discover your content. Not only does it help your search ranking for your YouTube videos, but also with the auto-play feature, your less viewed videos have a chance to be seen. 

Channel Trailer

Finally, a channel trailer can really polish off your YouTube page. Show your viewers how awesome, creative and talented you are in a 30 second clip. They’ll be lifelong subscribers in no time!

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Why Having a Professional YouTube Channel Matters

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