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A lot is asked of YouTubers. Not only do you have to be a personable and creative talent, but an editor, a designer and a marketer. It can all get a little too much when, on top of all that, your fans are expecting your next video ASAP.

The key to managing the quality of your videos, along with your audience expectations, is to use the awesome tools available on the web.

I don’t need to convince you in the importance of having a professional looking YouTube channel, but unless you’re a designer it’s difficult to compete online. If you constantly create the same looking thumbnails over and over, it may be time for a total thumbnail makeover.

What makes a GREAT thumbnail?

It’s pretty simple really, there are three things your thumbnails need to do:

  1. Let your audience know what your content is about.
  2. Be exciting!
  3. Draw attention from your audience.  

How to make your thumbnails BEAUTIFUL

  1. Focus on faces with strong emotions
  2. Bright backgrounds get attention
  3. Contrast is KING

Easier said than done, right? Well not for long. Stay tuned for a big announcement from the VISO Catalyst team on Thursday that will make optimizing your thumbnails easier than ever! 

Start growing your YouTube views today, sign up for VISO Catalyst, our exclusive creator platform with tools to get your videos fully optimized, match you up with like-minded creators, and much, much more! Get the details on VISO Catalyst by checking out our partnership page below.


#BBTVTips: Give your thumbnails a makeover

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