BBTVTip Still 1024x768 #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIFAre you ready to turn any – yes any – YouTube video into a GIF? I’m a going to share with you something that blew my mind. Something so simply, but can help take the marketing of your videos to the next level. Not to mention that it looks really cool.

What is a GIF?Facebook small compressor #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

In case you have not interneted before, here’s a quick update on what a GIF is. A gif is just an animated image that is easier to share around the web. It usually is a looped video like the image to the right. You can find out more on our favorite source from the web, Wikipedia.

3 Steps to Turn a YouTube video into a GIF 

So how do you make your, or any, YouTube video into a gif?

Step 1. Find a video that you want to make into a gif. Take this video.

bbtv1 1024x618 #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

Step 2. Type ‘gif’ BEFORE YouTube in the URL (like shown below)

bbtv2 1024x667 #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

Step 3. Hit enter and create your gif from! It’s that easy! Check out our fierce and fresh gif.

gif 4 #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

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Join BBTV 300x61 #BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

#BBTVTip : Turn ANY YouTube Video into a GIF

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Sara is the Brand Marketing Specialist at BBTV. Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, she moved to Vancouver, BC to attend the University of British Columbia, coincidentally the same year as the Vancouver Olympics Games. She now enjoys all the city has to offer. Sara received her Bachelor of Arts from the UBC with a double concentration in the Humanities and Economics.

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